Why am I having these emotions? That should be the first thing you ask yourself, usually emotions are not brought on by physical health alone, but physical health can have a big role in it. If you are feeling depressed and lacking energy, a unhealthy diet could play a big part in that, if someone close to you dies the emotions may not be brought on by physical health but the better you are treating your body and taking care of yourself, will only add to having better emotional health regardless of the circumstance.

Make sure you are expressing your feelings in the appropriate ways. Keeping your feelings locked up can almost make you fell more secluded and more alone, it is best to talk through these feelings with someone close to you. Even if your family or friends might not be able to help you or solve your problems at least you have someone in your corner cheering for you. It is also beneficial to talk with someone that is outside of your circle of friends and family. Especially if the emotional stress is being caused by someone close to you. Getting an outside opinion will help process feelings in a different way and help you get an unbiased view of the situation.

It’s very hard to get quiet time or alone time especially in such a busy and on the go world. Meditation and alone time is a great way to clear your mind of the negativity. Yoga is a great way to be emotionally and physically active. A exercise of guided thought is very helpful, it allows you to work through your thoughts is a way that forces you to stay on task, allowing you to calm your body and your mind.

So if having a good positive outlook on life affects your emotional heath obviously having good physical health requires the same effort. These two go hand in hand, exercising is an amazing way to relieve stress and help you think more clearly. It’s very important to take care of your body. Eating healthy only has positive effects, no one will ever complain they have too much energy or they are too healthy! Sleeping is also a very important part of having good physical and emotional health, the right amount of sleep can dictate how your whole day goes and how productive you are.

Getting into a good routine of exercise, eating healthy and sleeping right will help you balance things in your life when they get crazy. Another health problem that negatively effects you and people around you is the abuse of drugs and alcohol, those cause emotional problems as well and health problems.

It may seem impossible sometimes, but taking the right steps toward living a balanced life will greatly improve your mental and physical health. If you try and not worry about all the problems you have at work, at home, or at school those negative feelings won’t affect your life. It’s very easy to always look at the negative and let yourself get wrapped up in that, but having a more positive outlook can only help you. Letting go of things that bother you or that are making you have negative thoughts will greatly help you see the positive more clearly. Try and live a balanced life where you do things that make you happy more than you worry about things that don’t.

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